Populate RSS Feeds

Spinjutsu is a unique content marketing program using modular spintax techniques that allows you to populate RSS Feeds. Spinjutsu is going to be your ideal software package to for making use of on-hand intellectual property along with providing your Web 2.0 network with new content. Keep reading this article so that you can find out more about this really formidable software package which runs in Windows machines.


Typically it is quite difficult to provide good quality material for your syndication networks that will not make potential issues. Without a doubt, the biggest predicament people run into is most likely violation of copyright as a result of the improper posting of photos as well as written content. Such a situation might not only lead to financial complications but also cause your websites to be suspended. Users of IFTTT blogs too often make the blunder of posting from Atom and/or RSS feeds that have just too much posting and wind up spamming their own accounts. Moreover, because of not ever supplying any original information, everybody can tell that particular website is a spam site.

Description of Spintax

To comprehend exactly what spintax is and how it can be used in spinning content, we need to look no further than the basic advertising or public relations concept of placing a spin onto something. Lingually, this amounts to taking an original set of words that express a certain idea and altering those words such that the similar basic meaning is maintained, but expressed in a somewhat different manner. Entire paragraphs may be reorganized with substitutions being made for words and phrases having a corresponding meaning to the original.

Spintax is sometimes seen a bad thing as a result of the introduction of automated language translation software which replace terms in a puzzling manner without keeping the idea and the primary information. The generated articles sometimes express completely different thoughts in comparison to the primary. The words and terms produced by some automated software can not only appear unclear but may not even be appropriate in native English. Extensive utilization of such applications has resulted in the publication of poor quality material all over the web. Spinjutsu's objective is to allow a business to re-purpose its personal possession in new ways and build onto its document collection with their personal unique content units in order to create high quality articles that conveys their corporate ideas faster than before.

A User Interface You Will Enjoy

One primary goal for Spinjutsu was to enhance efficiency for VA's along with SEO professionals as well. The software has certainly accomplished a critical objective by offering so many content marketing functions in addition to its easy-to-use work-flow. Spinjutsu was created with numerous requirements accounted for. For this reason, developers are endeavoring to deliver consistent results for whichever situation for which the user is running the software.

Spintax Processing

At the heart of Spinjutsu is its very own exclusive modular spintax processing engine. The main aim of the software is not producing spintax since there are already numerous such programs available already that are able to generate it. The way by which this software puts the content modules together to generate outstanging and superior quality content in a quick and easy way, in addition to the level of uniqueness of the articles created is what makes this PC software application perfect. In comparison to typical software, Spinjutsu's code produces a larger number of unique variations with the same quantity of spintax. Taking a document consisting of five paragraphs for example, while the normal application might produce a thousand versions, Spinjutsu would be able to create one hundred and twenty thousand unique versions.


Spinjutsu is a software product which can be utilized in content marketing and SEO. It provides exclusive functionality and is also able to deliver many unique articles using only one set of spintax with the aid of its modular processing. Spinjutsu absolutely makes it faster and easier for SEO experts to carry out countless commonplace jobs through a versatile and user-friendly work-flow, earning it a well-deserved spot in any SEO professional's toolkit.

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